Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Escaping West... ThroughLisa'sEyes

I won. I won. Yep,yep I did -- A copy of  Morgan K. Wyatt's "Escaping West" was my prize. If you ever stopped by before you know I LOVE American Historical Novels. The postage wasn't even dry before I lit into this story.


Meet Kitty a well behaved, socially demure, cautious.. Oh, all right, maybe she's not any of those things, but she does have a friend named Harriet. Harriet has decided to embark on an adventure and answers a mail-order bride advertisement.

Events will unfold which helps our Miss Kitty to decide to accompany her friend on the cross country journey.

Kitty a minister's daughter will never, of course, do anything unladylike or would she? I'll never tell how she winds up in the arms of a gambler.

Go read it for yourself. Escaping West is a fun and entertaining read.

You can learn more about  Morgan K. Wyatt and get her books here >
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