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Step back into the past with "Wolfkeeper's Woman" an usual story of survival and relationships in a turbilent time. The warrior saw all white men and women as foes. He destroyed Cassie's home, murdered her husband and took her child. What does a man who took everything from her do when he discovers he no longer wants her to be an enemy?

Of course, it had to be his name they drew from the hat. It was an honor they told him- For the good of the town.

   Thomas searched high and low with no success. Until, he saw her sitting there, not even ten feet away. She was obviously an educated,well bred, woman and going to be the town's new schoolteacher. All he had to do was keep her in town long enough. He panicked.

  No one needed to tell Thomas the town council didn't mean to abduct her, even if it was- for the good of the town...


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